Wellness and Health Coaching in Morehead City, NC

Make your home and yourself healthier with help from Rise Radiantly with Martha. As a professional health and wellness coach with over 40 years in the health industry, Martha helps individuals live life with more energy.

A Wonderful Life
Begins With the Basics!

Martha is a mom that decided long ago to make choices that support her health and environment. Her topics are based on her personal studies, certified knowledge, and years of experience. She is dedicated to helping individuals and families move away from toxic products and towards healthy lives.

Some of Martha’s services include:

Essential oils classes

 Living food demos

 Guided programs for a healthy choice lifestyle

And much more!


Transform Your Health and Your Planet

With people-friendly foods and natural products, a little planning and education can go a long way to better your life. Call or contact Martha today and begin living life to the fullest!

Wellness Planning

Martha offers wellness planning that gets down to the root of problems to find solutions that improve physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

A Happy Home

She provides safe home cleaning products that reduce allergens and create a more eco-friendly environment. Your whole family will love the results

Health Coaching

Almost everything in life that ails you begins with the foods you eat and the products you use. Martha has the expertise to help you better your health.

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